Angular 1 vs. Angular 2: comparing the basics

admin/ April 23, 2016/ AngularJS, Code, TypeScript/ 0 comments

At my current assignment we are building an AngularJS (1.x) bookkeeping application. A couple of weeks ago we held a developer session in which we showed our colleagues how to start with AngularJS and to write a simple application. The application has a couple of pages and uses an external api to show a list of Star Wars movies. You

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Continuous Delivery

Erwin Staal/ September 16, 2015/ Continuous Delivery, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

These days we are getting better at running our project in a more agile way. We are able to produce some value at the end of each sprint. The next big step is to get this increment in the hands our customers. This is where the principles of continuous delivery come in. Continuous delivery is a set of practices and

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