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Infrastructure as Code using Azure RM, PowerShell DSC, Chocolatey and Octopus Deploy

admin/ December 16, 2016/ Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure As Code, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

Everyone has been in a situation where your application is behaving differently on your production environment compared to how it behaves on your testing environment. Most of the time this is because these environments aren’t identical and even if they were at the beginning, it’s hard to keep them in sync with all the modifications and updates. Or think of

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Deploy Azure Cloud Service with TFS Build 2015 and Octopus Deploy

admin/ November 6, 2016/ Infrastructure As Code, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

In this blog, I’ll show you how you can use the new TFS build system and Octopus Deploy to deploy your Azure Cloud Service. For those who do not know Octopus Deploy; Octopus Deploy is an automated software deployment and release management server. It is designed to simplify deployment of ASP.NET applications, Windows Services and databases. If you don’t already own

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