Octopus Deploy and Entity Framework migrations

admin/ February 3, 2017/ Continuous Delivery, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

A step that is very common in almost every deployment pipeline is the migration of the database. In this blog I’ll show you how to do this using Octopus Deploy and Entity Framework Migrations. I’ll be using a very simple ASP.Net MVC application called SimpleMVCApp. In the same solution, I’ve created a library project named SimpleMVCApp.Data in which my context,

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Continuous delivery bij SnelStart

admin/ December 22, 2016/ Continuous Delivery/ 0 comments

Bij SnelStart ontwikkelen we boekhoudsoftware voor het midden en klein bedrijf. SnelStart doet dat al meer dan 30 jaar door middel van een desktopapplicatie en sinds kort ook met een online variant. Ongeveer drie jaar geleden zijn we bij SnelStart begonnen met de ontwikkeling van ons service platform. Dit is een Azure Cloud oplossing die onze klanten onder andere de

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Infrastructure as Code using Azure RM, PowerShell DSC, Chocolatey and Octopus Deploy

admin/ December 16, 2016/ Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure As Code, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

Everyone has been in a situation where your application is behaving differently on your production environment compared to how it behaves on your testing environment. Most of the time this is because these environments aren’t identical and even if they were at the beginning, it’s hard to keep them in sync with all the modifications and updates. Or think of

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Deploy Azure Cloud Service with TFS Build 2015 and Octopus Deploy

admin/ November 6, 2016/ Infrastructure As Code, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

In this blog, I’ll show you how you can use the new TFS build system and Octopus Deploy to deploy your Azure Cloud Service. For those who do not know Octopus Deploy; Octopus Deploy is an automated software deployment and release management server. It is designed to simplify deployment of ASP.NET applications, Windows Services and databases. If you don’t already own

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Een terugblik op de retrospective

admin/ July 18, 2016/ Agile/ 0 comments

De Retrospective wordt binnen het Scrum Framework gebruikt om terug te kijken op de afgelopen sprint en is de laatste gebeurtenis tijdens de sprint. Zelfsturing en zelfreflectie vormen de basis van Scrum. De Retrospective is dan ook een belangrijke gebeurtenis tijdens de sprint. De scrum guide schrijft voor dat we tijdens dit event als eerste kijken naar hoe de afgelopen

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Angular 1 vs. Angular 2: comparing the basics

admin/ April 23, 2016/ AngularJS, Code, TypeScript/ 0 comments

At my current assignment we are building an AngularJS (1.x) bookkeeping application. A couple of weeks ago we held a developer session in which we showed our colleagues how to start with AngularJS and to write a simple application. The application has a couple of pages and uses an external api to show a list of Star Wars movies. You

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Continuous Delivery

Erwin Staal/ September 16, 2015/ Continuous Delivery, Octopus Deploy/ 0 comments

These days we are getting better at running our project in a more agile way. We are able to produce some value at the end of each sprint. The next big step is to get this increment in the hands our customers. This is where the principles of continuous delivery come in. Continuous delivery is a set of practices and

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